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For women, turning a passion into a business is the ultimate dream. But that dream doesn’t come easily. It’s hard work, and there are challenges around every corner. Fortunately, women don’t have to go it alone. The mentoring matters group provides a platform for women to network and share ideas. Their chance of success increases with access to the business knowledge and guidance of experienced professionals and non-experienced peers.

The women’s project hinges on trying to make a cohesive city one which allows women and children to integrate into society. Centralised location allows the women to come from all walks of life and from different ethnic groups. Mentoring Matters Women group comes together to discuss issues of interest and plan activities and events. Mentoring Matters Women’s Group have different groups of women and do different projects. This group is about inspiration, ambition and success. By introducing some of the highest performing women in all sectors to present their stories on ‘Making it’ and the challenges they faced. The women are encouraged. Through baking, sewing and other initiatives the group is able to engage women regardless of their religion, ethnic background or their social status.

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