Our Ministries

Joseph Ministry

The Joseph Ministry is the youth wing of the church. This is a group of vibrant Young People who love the Lord and continue to seek His Glory. The Joseph Ministry caters for all young people from ages 12 to 35 who are single and not yet married. We are a large ministry with a wide scope and thus aim to cater for the needs of the various age groups. As such the Joseph Ministry is split into the following groups: Joseph Jnr This is a group of teens from the ages 12 – 15. This group mainly consists of the youth that are currently in High school, therefore we aim to structure our activities and teachings around their current environment Joseph Snr For ages 16 – 19, this energetic group of young people are in college, starting university or early stages of working life. We aim to cater for the different experiences they will encounter when they are making life-changing decisions and meeting the challenges of early adulthood. Young Adults This group is for all those above the age of 20, this group has the widest variety of individuals all in different stages of life. Be it in careers, relationships, preparation for marriage amongst a host of other experiences.