Our Ministries

Single & Complete Ministry

Single and Complete Ministry (SAC) comprises of a group of single adults who come together for the purpose of encouraging each other to serve God heartily, despite and in spite of their status. Some are widowed, some are single parents and others were never married. Our main goal is to uplift the name of God in and out of season as He is way above situations, circumstances and human conditions. We believe we are in our present state at this hour for a God reason. We therefore allow God to use us as we are, and according to His purpose. Our overriding prayer is, “May His will be done in our lives.” We get our inspiration from the Apostle Paul and indeed Jesus Christ Himself who were both single and so complete in their single state. God did not hesitate to use them at all. We are set on positioning ourselves as vessels of honour for our Lord and King’s use. We are set on being the best we can be, and defy all human limitations to the Glory of God.