Praise & Worship

Praise & Worship Ministry

Praise and Worship Team for DFM is a dynamic ministry where we seek to lead the congregation and usher them into the presence of God through Spirit-filled music. The main Praise and Worship team comprise of youth and mature members and the diversity of music reflects this. Each member of the praise and worship team is trained and equipped with the importance of being worship leaders.

As music is an integral part of the congregation’s worship, the team seeks to diversify in presentation, style, and quality of music when leading saints. It is our goal that every worship slot or program is carefully planned and organized to achieve excellence in every aspect of the service. The worship service is targeted to touch souls and connect the saints to God in all church services.

Apart from the main Praise and Worship team, there is the Joseph Praise and Worship team where youth ministers are natured in their gift and given an opportunity to lead a Sunday service once a month.

DFM Praise and Worship team endeavors to support the ministry in providing meaningful, creative worship that invites our members forward on their spiritual journeys.

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