Mentoring Matters


Mentoring Matters Youth

Our purpose is to help engage all young people in learning and work. All young people have access to the Bishop, who is the overall head or any adviser. There are also youth leaders of which the youth have access to. We encourage peer mentoring. Advisers are well-qualified, passionate and enthusiastic practitioners who really get to know the young people they are supporting. They help smooth a young person’s path through difficult choices and understand what’s on offer.

Homework Club

Homework Club is an after school program for students aged 12 – 18. We provide a structured, safe environment for students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors.

Mentoring Matters (MM) volunteer staff provide help and support in all school subjects. We also endeavour to instil good work habits, organisational skills, time management abilities, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. Our volunteers are drawn from a pool of local teachers, university students and peer mentors. Our team takes time and makes an effort to ensure that students understand every assignment they complete, even the ones that they struggle with the most.

Homework Club takes place throughout the entire school year, Mondays to Thursday with the exception of holidays and school breaks. During school holidays we have study groups.

The last summer camp for was held in Whitmoor lakes from 21/08/2015-23/08/2015 and 38 attended. This year the camp will be held from 19/08/2016-21/08/2016 and we looking forward greater numbers of youths and a better camp.

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