Weddings are important and significant events. After all, Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding! We believe that each wedding becomes a miracle as Jesus enters to unite the couple and bless all who witness the occasion.

Weddings are for:

  • Expressing lifelong vows; an exercise that transcends the mere mouthing of words as surely as true love and commitment transcend mere romanticism and sentimentalism;
  • Sharing with loved ones and friends;
  • A couple to come with a holy sense of joy into the presence of God, and expect His Holy Spirit to do something real and powerful;
  • Establishing a household in the righteous ways of the Living God, and through the wedding event to raise a testimony to that effect.

If you’ve been recently engaged, we want to serve you in every aspect of your wedding arrangements, by helping you in the following ways:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling (mandatory sessions must be completed 4 months prior to wedding date)
  • Selecting & reserving your wedding date
  • Coordinating your wedding rehearsal and ceremony

If you would like more information, and want to take the first step toward planning your wedding, call +447551253999 or email us at


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