Bishop Dr Leonard Lupiya

Bishop Dr Leonard Lupiya is a graduate of Living Waters Theological College ( Harare Zimbabwe), Logos University (Jacksonville Florida, USA), Aidan University (Jacksonville, Florida ,USA), and he holds a Ph.D in Leadership and Organisational Management and a doctorate degree in Sacramental Theology. Dr Leonard Lupiya is the Presiding Bishop for Disciples Fellowship Ministries International (DFMI). He is a member of the Council of Bishops in England and also a member of the National Leadership Team ( NLT ) of Fellowship of Churches of Christ (FCC). He serves as a Member of the board of regents of Logos University in Jacksonville ,Florida USA and he is also the Executive Vice President of Logos University for Africa.   Dr Leonard Lupiya has been serving  as a minister of the gospel since 1993. He served as a Pastor in Apostolic Faith Mission in Zambia (Apostolic Faith Mission), UK and Apostolic Faith Mission International. He also served as General Secretary for Apostolic Faith Mission national executive committee, Zambia and thereafter he was elected President and Presiding Bishop of the denomination overseeing hundreds of Churches. Dr Leonard Lupiya served as Principal of World Outreach Theological College and Academic Advisor and Chairman of Kasupe Bible College. He is currently Senior Vice President (International affairs) Logos University Florida USA and Principal of UK school of theology a theological college accredited to Logos University.

Bishop is married to Mailes Lupiya a chartered accountant by profession and also serving as an associate pastor with him . God has blessed them with two gorgeous children. He is the founder and visionary of Disciples Fellowship Ministries a ministry which was founded in February 2010 with over 60 pastors internationally. He is also the senior pastor of Disciples Fellowship Ministries church in Leicester a fast growing multi-cultural and multi-ethnic church . Bishop is a church planter at heart and has opened churches in Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, United Kingdom, South Africa, USA , Zimbabwe and Botswana.

First Lady Pastor Mailes Lupiya

First Lady Pastor Mailes Lupiya is a passionate and active bible teacher not just in DFMI but within the body of Christ. She speaks to women to love prayer, find hope, and restoration through Jesus Christ. She currently holds an FCCA, MSc. In International Business and Finance from De Montfort University in Leicester and also MSc. in Accounting and Financial Management from The University of the West England in Bristol UK. She also holds a degree in applied theology with Logos University in Florida (USA). As a wife to Dr. Leonard and a mother to two children as well as a working professional, Mailes understands the day to day pressures women face in this fast paced world but she encourages women to have an intimate relationship with God and to align their lives with the word of God. Mailes is also a seasoned gatekeeper/intercessor, faithfully supporting the ministry of her husband.